Can ACCA be studied on my own?

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

ACCA is a composite professional course. Irrespective of background, becoming a certified ACCA member requires passing 13 professional examinations, an ethics module, and three years of apropos and administered accounting experience. Therefore, you can see the path to becoming an ACCA member is not an easy one.

Preparing for the ACCA exam can often be inordinate. With ACCA exams, there are lots of variables involved; therefore, it is hard to know how to optimize the chances and be successful. But it is important to have an idea about what study material you should use or from where you should study.

Here we will discuss how appropriate it is for you to self-study for ACCA examinations and the intertwined advantages and disadvantages of studying on your own.

Solo preparation tricks for #ACCA exam

Keep your daily schedule in control

When you are studying and preparing in a group or in an institution, your own study schedule may get interrupted because you will have to coordinate with others. You may be forced to study something you don’t want or have to at the time. But with self-studying opportunities, you can decide when you want to study, what you want to study by yourself. There will be no external pressure or factor from anywhere. Moreover, if you are already working somewhere, then managing work and study becomes difficult. But with the self-study option, you can set a particular time for both your work and study.

Undivided concentration

A lot of ACCA aspirants find it effortless to concentrate on their studies when they are studying alone. Therefore it is important to study on your own so that you can properly concentrate on your studies. Lots of temptations and company can potentially destroy your focus and end up ruining your precious study time. To easily shift into your study mode, try to study by yourself.

Get a boost on thinking independently

When you are studying independently, you get to spend more time with yourself. You can slowly evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and sometimes you can solve the questions by yourself without relying on someone else’s help. This initiates and develops your independent thinking skill. And with critical thinking, you are more likely to learn to tackle both theoretical and practical situations.

Set your own pace

Each student learns at their own pace. When you study by yourself, you can follow your own momentum regardless of your situation and environment. While preparing for the #ACCA exam, you will know in which subjects you are not strong enough so that you can study them more frequently. You won’t get the same facility if you study under any tuition provider.

Studying by yourself to prepare for ACCA exams has great advantages. If you are someone who can focus while studying and working alone, then you should go for it.

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