How Can I Pass ACCA Examinations?

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ACCA Examination might sound like a huge deal but don’t worry. As long as you have access to Global APC’s #ACCA lectures and #ACCA videos, you can clear the ACCA papers the first time with a refined strategy, strong determination and an effective study plan.

Here below, we have shared some expert strategies that will help you align your mind with preparation for ACCA Examinations as a first-timer:

Build a routine

However cliche it sounds, discipline is the key to success. It is most important to put oneself into a routine, and no matter what, one should follow the routine. So make sure, you build a timetable and fix particular timings for one topic each, dividing your time correctly according to what needs maximum attention and so on.

Early revision

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the power of early revision. This might be a tiny tip from your preschool days, but this works for literally during the most challenging phases of life. While drafting your study plan, make sure you have plenty of time for revision so you can cover the most difficult portions thoroughly when you have additional time.

Practice makes perfect

Keep yourself aware of the question patterns and answering techniques. You must know how many marks each section carries so that structuring your answers according to the marks becomes easier for you while practising. While practising writing the answers before examinations, use timed conditions and then review your answers until you finally get it all correct in the final paper.

Eat healthily

We’re not joking! As much as it is necessary to study well during exams, it is equally important to keep your stomach healthy while studying for papers. So keep yourself hydrated, eat lots of leafy veggies, and increase your fruit intake as it rejuvenates your system, leaving you energetic for more extended periods. If possible, include exercises in your morning schedule.

Stop stressing

We know that #ACCA online really frets you. Still, if you #Study ACCA with Global APC, we’ve got you covered with all study materials - right from notes, mind maps, 24/7 tutor support, mock exams, mnemonics based teaching approach and more, you ought to pass ACCA with flying colours!! So what are you waiting for? To enrol yourself with our #ACCA online program and if you’re a newbie, watch one of our demo courses at:

And now, we have some practical tips for setting your ACCA study plan right in place:

● Recreate exam conditions while doing practice sessions

● Do plenty of revisions of topics that you find difficult

● Do not leave anything unfinished

● Structure your answering schemes

● Carefully go through your mistakes in practice sessions and see how you can improvise

● Identify your weaknesses while in practice sessions

● Use mind maps while making notes

● Read the paper carefully before starting to attempt the answers

● Download mock papers from and solve as many as you can

● Think about the marking scheme before starting to answer the questions

● Identify the relevant information before you write the answer

At Global APC, we provide online study materials, 24/7 tutor support, original notes, mind maps, mock papers, focused insights, and much more. So if you want to ace your ACCA as a first-timer, look no further and join to accelerate your #ACCA online studies.

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