How can you prepare for ACCA while working at the same time?

Preparing for the prestigious ACCA examination is solely dependent on the aspirant’s personality, attitude, circumstances, ambition and personal choices. Studying for ACCA while working is a tough job. The time you get to spend with yourself is very less, and while you have to handle the workload in the office, you have to return to your place and study for ACCA simultaneously.

If you want things to become easier for you, you will have to opt for full-time preparation, this way, your study won’t get hindered, and you will get a profound understanding of the course subjects and study materials. Also, if you complete your study at a university, it will surely broaden your scope at a professional level.

But having work experience is also a plus point. Your work experience will help you decipher the practical field of ACCA better than the rest. Having work experience will make you understand the practical and theoretical aspects of ACCA.

According to tutors and existing ACCA members, working and at the same time studying ACCA is more advantageous than just solely preparing for ACCA exams. It is also an add-on to your resume, making it more advantageous to get employment as soon as you complete the ACCA course. You will then have a better understanding of the field itself, and your performance will also significantly increase.

But if you are unable to perfectly manage your time or unable to multi-task, then you should focus solely on your studies rather than do both. Because if you multi-task, it is highly likely that you won't be able to prepare well for your ACCA exams. This can cause a significant decrease in your performance, and in the worst-case scenario, you may fail the exam.

What challenges do you have to face while working and studying for ACCA at the same time?

Time management becomes the most important factor when it comes to working and studying for ACCA simultaneously. If you have several other things to do rather than studying and working, the workload becomes pretty intense for you.

Also, having irregular study hours may cause you potential harm in your studies because usually students stick to a routine, and an irregular schedule will harm the study schedule.

If you choose to study and work at the same time, you will have very little time of your own. Balancing work and study is exceptionally difficult. There will always be constant pressure to perform well, and you will need an enormous amount of mental strength to keep up with the pressure.

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