How can you study for ACCA at home?

Habituate yourself with your study time

Although working gives you an extra edge, nonetheless working and studying for ACCA at the same time can be an extremely tiresome job. When the exam comes up, the pressure adds up. Plan a schedule and stick to it no matter what. After a few weeks, this routine will become a habituated one. And all your daily ventures will become normal for you.

Use all the available resources and study materials

A part 2 professional scheme student named Paul Lee from Malaysia advises reading and using all the available resources on the ACCA official website. Also, keep yourself updated with the last five years’ questions. Look for the Examiner’s feedback because you can take a lot from this feedback and improve yourself. The Examiner’s feedback gets published twice a year during the months of April and October. You will get all the necessary resources you need from the official ACCA website. Paul further advises properly analysing the papers so that you can excel during your exams.

Try group studies

Another way to get better in your studies is to consult with friends or group learning. A CAT passed finalist student named Donamie Providence advises consulting with other students so that you can find out about different angles. It enables you to share and analyse your knowledge and skills to help to understand the subjects and answer the exam questions aptly.

Do ask questions

If you attend lectures, it is important to understand what you have learnt. If you are unable to understand something, And the best way you can rectify that you have understood the concepts correctly is by teaching them to another student.

Keep practising

While You are preparing for ACCA, it is important to practice what you have learnt. And this can be done by solving three to four practice questions every day. By doing revisions and attempting practice questions, you can improve yourself a lot.

Remember PORST

Using the PQRST method for studies. The acronym follows P= Preview, Q= Question , R= Revise , S= Summary , T= Test. Following these exact patterns for the ACCA exams can help you succeed in the long run.

And Lastly, Take care of yourself

Although you are busy with your studies and work, you may end up neglecting the most important factor. The human brain works best when it had proper rest, i.e. sleep. People may lose concentration and cognitive power if they don’t sleep properly. A Student from the UK named Caroline Tromans believes that having the best possible health can bring out the potential from you. Therefore if you want to be in your best condition, remember to get nutrition and sleep properly.

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