How does ACCA get me job-ready?

With recognition in over 80 global councils and a robust curriculum to suit 78 long term career options, ACCA has revolutionized Accounting and Finance Studies. As the demand for e-learning services boom, now more than ever, ACCA online courses boast of a great career potential no matter where on the globe you are located.

Here's a step-by-step ACCA qualification levels guide to help you determine where to start from:

Foundations Level: If you are a beginner with no prior knowledge of accounting and finance, you will start at ACCA's GCSE equivalent or the Foundation level.

Applied Knowledge Level: Combining 5 GCSE and 2 A-levels makes ACCA's second stage known as the Applied Knowledge level. However, having an AAT qualification is advantageous as it exempts one from the ACCA Applied Knowledge level. One can directly qualify for the Applied Skills Level if you have AAT.

Applied Skills Level: Applied Skills is a higher degree having more relevance to those who have formally studied Finance and Accounting. It is the Diploma Equivalent in ACCA Accounting and Business.

Strategic Professional Level: This is the highest and final level of ACCA studies that can be pursued after completion of Applied Skills or exemption of Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills Training Certifications.

Once you have completed the ACCA levels, you must be wondering what's the buzz surrounding it; ultimately, it's just another accountancy course. In this section, we'll tell you how ACCA online is different from the mainstream finance and accounting discipline:

Learning Flexibility- ACCA online and offline learning modules are highly student-friendly and come with greater learning flexibility equipping modern learners with adaptive schedules to manage work with education.

Global Recognition- ACCA is now recognized internationally among more than 80 accountancy partnerships and has job opportunities in the Big 4 spread across 181 countries.

Robust Curriculum- ACCA online learning curriculum is developed in an efficient manner where learners can access relevant industry knowledge and skills to gain required proficiency through real-time updates

Enhances Career Opportunities- ACCA enhances long term career opportunities as it trains one for senior strategic roles in multiple industries, including multinational corporations and others like finance, hospitality, accounting, fintech, research, etc.,

Reasonably Priced- ACCA is a rocket launcher where career opportunities at low costs are concerned. ACCA program prepares one in a faster and cheaper way for diverse roles in industrial management at extremely reasonable education fees as low as 2 to 3 lacs.

Since you have already seen the benefits of opting for ACCA online and offline courses, we'll now browse through some of the most offbeat roles among the plethora of job opportunities available for ACCA graduates:

(i)Chief Financial Officer: Tasks may include-

● Supervising the organization's quarterly and annual financial planning

● Managing organizational risk management

● Overseeing an organization's investment strategies

● Considering the organization's liabilities, liquidity and investments

Annual Salary: $393,377 (approx)

(ii) Internal Auditor: Tasks may include-

● Reviewing organizational overall business performance

● Evaluation of risks, profits, losses, assets, frauds, etc.

● Ensuring organizational compliance with relevant laws and statutes

● Making recommendations on governance processes

● Maintaining efficacy of internal audit procedures.

Annual Salary: $59,705 (approx)

(iii) Forensic Accountant: Tasks can include-

● Creating and maintaining data sheets

● Preparing forensic research assets

● Undertaking analytical interviews and accounting reports

● Attending court briefings and conducting forensic analysis

Annual Salary: $70,500

(iv) Compliance/Governance Officer: Tasks can include-

● Developing and Implementing the organization's overall legal compliance programme

● Coordinating with regional and national legal regulators

● Maintaining regional and national tribunals

● Checking implementation of industry standards in organizational product management

● Planning risk-related finance management

Annual Salary: $94,600

These were some of the most offbeat career options in ACCA. At the same time, the rest that can be explored are Credit Control Manager, Insolvency Practitioner, Management Accountant, Risk Manager, Funds Manager, Group Accountant, Business Advisor, Business Analyst, Tax Accountant, Treasurer, Financial Analyst, Accountant, and much more.

The final level, Strategic Professional, can only be started if you've completed Applied Knowledge and Applied skills or have been awarded exemptions due to other qualifications and experience.

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