How Much Does the ACCA Exam Cost?

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ACCA Examination fees vary according to the Levels you appear for, when you decide to enter, and where you choose to take the examination - Classroom Learning Programme or #ACCA Online Study Programme.

Since the total time ACCA certification takes is a minimum of 5 years, for you to avail the lowest examination fees, you can opt for signing up for ACCA courses early on and log in to the exam window whenever possible in between that period. Below is an approximation value of the ACCA examination costs:

  • ACCA Initial Registration Fee (A One-Time Registration Fee is what a student must pay during joining): £79

  • Annual Subscription Fee (Annual Subscription charges are due each year to retain the student status as active): £112

  • Re-registration Fee (ACCA students failing to pay charges will have their names formally removed from the ACCA admissions register, so they must re-register in addition to unpaid charges for being reinstated as an ACCA student): £79

  • Applied Skills Examination Fee (6 Papers): £103-307 each

  • Strategic Professional Essentials (Business Leader) Examination Fee (1 Paper): £180-321

  • Strategic Professional Essentials (Business Reporting) Examination Fee (1 Paper): £129-350

  • Strategic Professional Options Examination Fee (4 Papers): £129-350 each

  • Ethics and Professional Skills Examination: £78

  • Total Examinations Cost (excluding Applied Knowledge Module): £1,521-3,991

  • Total ACCA Cost (including subscription requirements for five years): £2,160-4,630

(Please note that the student will also need to appear for the Applied Knowledge Module at the local Centre whose price will vary by location).

Salaries for ACCA Professionals

All these figures and examinations must make you fret and bogged down with the ACCA study pressure already weighing you down, but don’t worry, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. So here below, we'll be discussing about the salaries that await ACCA professionals once they are rocket launched into their careers:

Trainee Accountant Salary: £27,000

Senior Accountant Salary: £45,000

Newly-Qualified ACCA Salary: £35,000-42,000

Experienced ACCA Accountant Salary: £60,600-97,400

Director Level ACCA Salary: £100,000

Although salaries might vary according to location, experience and company; nevertheless ACCA Certification adds a world of difference to your CV. Once you’ve aced your ACCA Examinations, you will understand the value of certification and how it differs from an ordinary university degree in business, accounting and finance.

Career Prospects After ACCA Examinations

A world of opportunities awaits you once you have passed your ACCA Examinations. Although there is a wide range of business, management and administrative roles available for ACCA professionals, these are some of the most common departments that one can consider after ACCA Certification:

1) Audit

Auditing deals with the precision and accuracy of financial statements in business organizations. Some of the most sought after designations within the Audit departments include Internal Audit professionals, External Audit Managers, Audit Partner and Pensions Auditor, etc.

2) Taxation

Taxation Departments are some of the most respected and specialized departments that deal with the legalities of business and finance of governing bodies. They are mainly concerned with compliance issues. ACCA professionals can consider some roles: Corporate Tax Accountant, Compliance Officer, Internal Tax Specialist, Tax Advisory, Wealth Tax Specialist, etc.

3) Finance Administration

Finance Administration deals with the daily transactional or business activities of companies or organizations where an ACCA professional can fit into the roles of Assistant Accountant, Accounts Payable Clerk, Bookkeeper, Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Management Accountant and so on.

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