How To Prepare for ACCA exams - CBE Testing Format

ACCA students from all around the world from June 2021 are going to be appearing for Strategic Professional in an altogether different manner than usual. Although the content remains the same, the examination pattern will change - which means the preparation technique should also need to change a bit from the present one.

Starting 2021, ACCA’s Strategic Professional Examinations will be held in the CBE Format and no more in the paper-based one, which is a piece of instant good news for those who struggle with illegible handwriting. Now, all you need is lightning speed in typing, which almost all of us can boast of, thanks to smartphones that accelerated our texting potential. In the CBE Format, one can just type in answers and easily correct mistakes in calculations by simply altering the formula. But, isn't it sounding too easy? Let’s see what all you need to prepare for the CBE Format:

Improve Technical Skills

This is pretty obvious, particularly for the ACCA Classroom Learning Programme students who haven’t much exercised their technical skills. Since the examination style is moving to a CBE Format, students must be well versed in the examination platforms, which can be similar to MS Word and MS Excel. 24/7 Tutor Support at #Study ACCA with Global APC would help you understand the technical requirements for CBE Format and all essentials for the papers. While students who have already been in #ACCA online study courses are already familiar with a virtual learning environment, they need to be more careful of not making mistakes in a hurry. A day before the final exam, make sure you have read the CBE platform’s instructions carefully so that you can be confident while writing the CBE Format examination for the first time.

Arrange Study Materials

This might be the most obvious requirement, but we want to ensure that you have everything you need before writing your examinations. Sometimes we are so busy attending classes and submitting assignments that we never really get the time to compile our notes according to the topics. So, three weeks before CBE Format starts, remember to download all #ACCA lectures and #ACCA videos and keep them in separate folders to ease your revision process.

Boost Your Strategy

CBE Format sounds easy because learners only have to type in the answers, enter the formula and fill up blanks. But is that it? How can you guarantee that your fingers would be racing against the keyboard once you sit down inside the examination hall and the clock starts ticking? For you to write, you must know. This is what we are trying to make you understand - good knowledge is the key to good answers. Good answers inside the examination hall come to those who are well prepared and can manage time effectively. #ACCA online study courses at Global APC ( can help you with excellent exam preparation, but time management can be done only if you solve as many mock papers as you can. So, boost your strategy and solve mock papers so that your mind is trained to run as fast as your fingers on the keyboard.

Lastly, we want to say that whichever the ACCA Examination Pattern is, you will ace it as long as your preparation is excellent. We wish you great luck with your ACCA papers. May you come out with flying colours!!

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