Six greatest accountants in movies

Let’s be honest, not everyone likes nerds and geeks, and it’s almost considered scary if one of us finds them cute. Still, it is completely fine if you happen to be one of us, be assured, we also have a thing for those serious-looking, bespectacled brooding eyes, staring right into the blue screens solving some impossible permutations and combinations. Don’t understand what we’re talking about? You should probably take a break from #ACCA videos and your #ACCA online study and watch some of these films to know what we mean.

Although they aren’t portrayed as heroically as superheroes who save the world do, films about them DO deserve mention and here’s why we compiled a list of movies with some of the most enthralling performances by actors as accountants we couldn’t stop drooling over:

1. Ghostbusters

As a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA) in Ghostbusters residing in a building that happens to be a pathway to another dimension, Louis Tully is a real thriller. What’s more nail-biting is the awkward transition between getting possessed by a ghastly demigod and a flirtatious Tully towards his neighbour played by Sigourney Weaver. Amid all such confusion, Tully ends up being a cute nerd hosting a party for his clients and flirting with the neighbour in his own captivating style.

2. Midnight Run

Jonathan ‘The Duke’ Mardukas is a Mafia accountant who is holding possession of some financial documents that would help deliver justice for good, but that would amount to nothing until the testimony doesn’t reach the Los Angeles court on time. ‘The Duke’, in this film, is the leader who everyone is after, particularly Jack Walsh.

3. The Accountant

Ben Affleck in an action-packed sequence handling sniper rifles while dealing with a bunch of dangerous clients in itself sounds a legit experience for his vast fan base, let alone, #ACCA online study course students going gaga over Afflecks’s portrayal as an Autistic, prodigy that makes him an unbeatable mathematician.

4. The Untouchables

The Untouchables follows the true story of gangster Al Capone and how Oscar Wallace, the accountant, plays a significant role in causing a spectacular downfall of Capone’s notorious illegal liquor empire. Although Capone had been involved in several other criminal activities, his henchmen kept those well-insulated while Wallace could charge him against tax evasion.

5. The Other Guys

In the movie The Other Guys, Allen Gamble plays the role of a Forensic Accountant who is believed to have some dark secrets, one being that he was ‘Gator’, the pimp who led one of his wives to walk out on him. Gamble has joined the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and currently is racing to prove a British billionaire guilty of a particular crime, and ultimately Gamble reunites with his wife when the crime is proven, and the film ends on a note that real heroes are everyday people who actively respond to situations, not those on televisions who merely act on scripts.

6. The Producers

A shrewd accountant, Leo Bloom, conspiring with Broadway manager Max Bialystock aims to organize a musical so awful that it shuts down after its first-ever run so that Bloom gets to pocket all the investments. But unluckily for him, the show turns out to be a hit, and before he can realize it, he’s struggling to pay back to investors.

Have you seen any of the movies we talked about or a different film where you find an accountant worth mentioning? If you haven’t, you might do that while taking a break from #ACCA lectures and share your favourite accountant portrayal with us!

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