This is the way to study SBL ACCA

If you are pursuing SBL ACCA or are new to the ACCA field, then this article will help you understand the way to prepare for the exams. Let us delve deeper into the topic:

Useful tips to pass SBL

● The first problem faced by students is to go through the case studies within the allotted time period. To excel in the SBL ACCA exam, you need to plan your paper for at least 40 to 50 minutes and then start the draft for the answers.

● The paper is not only a combo of P1 and P3, there are a lot of new techniques involved in the paper. All of this should be remembered while giving the exam.

● Another special characteristic of this paper is that the paper has 20 marks on professionalism and 80 marks on theory.

● To score well in the professional part, a student needs to have professional skills such as Analysis, Communication, Commercial Acumen, etc.

● You also need to know how and where to apply the theoretical part.

Other suggested approach

● Always read the question paper in sequence.

● Whenever you read the exhibit, link the tasks with them.

● Point out the important and relevant information

● Remember, there is no professional marking if the technical answer is not correct.

● Be sure about what the question is

Important writing skills for SBL

● Keep the sentences of answer brief and to the point.

● Write every point in separate paragraphs.

● Remember to keep spaces between paragraphs.

● You can include and subheadings, but it is not necessary.

● It is preferable to answer the questions in numerical order.

● You will not get professional marks if your format is incorrect.

Scoring in the Professional exam

● Write down the most important points.

● Do not give unnecessary details, only the required information.

● Remember not to repeat yourself.

● Use headings to identify the important points in the answer.

Tips from examiners

Time Management

● Total time available 250 minutes

● Use 40 minutes to clearly read the questions.

● Use the rest of the 200 minutes to answer the questions.

● 10 minutes for revision

Effective reading

● Always read the question paper in a given sequence

● Verb

● Rule of AND

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