Top 5 career opportunities for ACCA Professionals

ACCA is an association of accountants who are globally recognized as an accounting body that certifies Chartered Accountants officially. Founded in 1904, ACCA is headquartered in London with administrative offices in Glasgow.

ACCA Certification is one of the most reputed courses in Accounting and Finances and amounts to a university degree in itself. In the last few years, ACCA has managed to emerge as one of the most in-demand accounting subjects owing to its multidisciplinary approach as it trains the learners into multiple aspects of finances, preparing them for diverse industries and career options. In today’s dynamic business environment, ACCA professionals can earn more than ordinary finance graduates because of their solid grounding in financial management. The course curriculum is so well developed that ACCA professionals don’t find it challenging to switch from one field to another within 1 or 2 years of the job while earning higher salaries than their colleagues.

Chartered accountants can easily find jobs in banks, corporate firms, tax agencies, government financial institutions but some of the highest paying career opportunities for ACCA professionals are listed below:

Compliance Officer

Compliance Officers are highly paid government officials managing the helm of affairs. They are tasked to take care of the legal, advisory and decision-making procedures of government offices and public works departments. It is a senior managerial post concerned with overseeing that the company or government institution complies with the regional and/or national laws, treaties and tribunals. They also formulate, regulate and maintain internal laws, bylaws and policies.

Chief Financial Officer

CFOs at the directorial position are one of the highest-paid ACCA faculties, but that depends on the interpersonal capabilities of the professional other than the work experience. CFOs need to be proactively involved in financial decision making, supervising all financial reporting of the organization as the CEO's right-hand man. CFOs have to be keen observers and analysts, so they predict quarterly projections, plan the company’s investments and deliver annual targets.

Corporate Controller

The designation sounds new, but the job roles and responsibilities are something chartered accountants are pretty familiar with. The primary goal of a corporate controller is to prepare the company’s annual budgets, prepare internal and external financial statements, oversee cash flow, assess audit operations and coordinate accounting in various organisation departments.

Accounting Manager

As the name suggests, Accounting Managers create, develop and maintain financial data systems in an organization. Their central role is to collect, collate, compile, analyze, and prepare financial figures to produce usable information into reports. They also suggest accounting policies and regulations to the Compliance Officer.

Financial Analyst

The job of a Financial Analyst combines both a Social Science Student and a Commerce Student, speaking in a layman’s language. A financial analyst must be as good with literature as they are with numbers. They should work with numbers but be equally good at processing qualitative data because they are required to evaluate market trends, user experience, customer behaviour, psychological parameters, and so on, which might not be measured in terms of figures but raw data consisting of textual information. Therefore, the job of a Financial Analyst is to pay careful attention and invest interest in preparing rundowns of this raw data to arrive at plausible business solutions, ideas, strategies and microeconomic aspects of finance that can be turned into business growth plans for the organization.

Do any of the above professions sound interesting to you? Are you and #ACCA online study learner due to taking exams soon? Have you watched Global APC’s #ACCA video and #ACCA lectures? Please share your views with us!

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