What is the cost to complete the ACCA course

Those who wish to pursue their career in accountancy, consultation, banking and other finance-related services, ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the best certified professional course available for them. With the help of this course, students have the ability to improve their overall ability to create and analyse financial statements, information and help the employers aid in their decision making. The course further empowers the theoretical knowledge of the students and helps them apply those theories in practical situations. The subjects involved in the ACCA course module are:

● Business Valuation

● Risk management

● Financial Accounting

● Mergers and acquisitions

● Working Capital Management

The course helps students empower their foundation and gain enough expertise in the subjects of finance and accounting, as it remains the primary concern for professionals. These are the syllabus of the ACCA course:

● Taxation

● Financial Accounting

● Corporate and Business Law

● Management Accounting

● Financial Reporting

● Accountant in Business

● Business Analysis

● Corporate Reporting

● Financial Management

● Ethics, Risks and Governance

● Audit and Assurance

● Advanced Taxation

● Advanced Financial Management

● Advanced Audit and Assurance

● Advanced Financial Management

If you are someone who is greatly interested in Chartered Accountancy and the related fields with the skills like diplomacy, mathematical aptitude, logical mind, analytical skill and knowledge of the banking system, you can opt for the ACCA course. Also, if you have leadership qualities, excellent communication skills, the ability to use computers swiftly, the capacity to motivate team members and interpersonal skills, it will help you in your professional career.

The total fees of the ACCA course are dependent upon the country that you reside in. If you are looking for information regarding ACCA fees, please visit:

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