Why Choose ACCA qualification?

1. Competency framework requirement
2. Careers (more opportunities)
3. Certificates and degrees (OBU bachelor degree and UOL master degree)

At APC, I will account for your ACCA exam as well as your future.

Steve Chen, FCCA, ACMA, CGMA, CMA, MCSI, Independent examiner, Author and Technical writer

More than 6,000 students and more than 500 business executives are learning our courses in person or online every minute of the day.


IFRS 16 Leases training at ACCA

The course has been published on the ACCA's global website.I was invited by ACCA in 2019 to train ACCA members at ACCA's UK head office about IFRS 16 Leases.


My course can be found on ACCA's website HERE

We offer ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) online classes - Helping more students pass their ACCA exams

Steve Chen founded Global APC as to provide ACCA online courses to students across the globe. We use a unique and dynamic approach to all our training sessions including techniques like mnemonics to help students memorise the knowledge, they gain.

Why choose us

We use more a more personalised interactive style of  online training with exercises designed to help active memory learning. We use the latest high-resolution video software designed for delivering training to students around the world meaning a much lower risk of any streaming issues. We use a clear hands on approach where we use a pen and paper on a virtual white board to illustrate key point and any questions that arise.

Our increased engagement with students are a direct contrast to the standard repetitive textbook approach, which can often fail to keep interest and retention. We focus on the simplest way to help you pass your ACCA exams.

Some of the methods we use at APC are:


On demand video training

  • Our pre-recorded videos cover the whole ACCA syllabus.

  • All our training is streamed using high-definition recording software, using the industry's most advanced online class recording technology,


  • You can watch the pre-recorded videos as many times as you want, where and when you want.


  • We use past exam questions in the course, so we use relevant reallife examples.as a technique to demonstrate our own way, you can tackle each question.


  • You can access full study notes in a printable PDF format, as part of your course resources.


  • All of our pre-recorded videos follow the same content as the study notes, so they can be used side by side.



 Tutor Support


  • All our tutors are fully trained in the latest techniques of teaching via presentation and discussion based learning as well the techniques of mnemonics.

  • Our course also includes live online revision sessions with all our tutors.


  • This means that you will have real classroom experience. You can ask the tutor directly any questions in the live class and get answers straight away


  • Full tutor support is also included in our package and you can have your questions answered by email within 24hours.


  • A mock exam is also included in your course, which is then marked. This way you will receive vital individual feedback to help you improve your performance in the future.


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Students Testimonials

Mili Rawal (Kenya)

I joined APC for the Dec 2014 exam sitting and I managed to clear these two papers in Dec 2014 exam. Thanks to Steve and the rest of APC team.

Martin Valent (Slovak)

With the help of APC, I became the first  prize winner for the ACCA P4 Advanced Financial Management exam

Johnny Simon (Canada)

I got 83 in F7 in June 2013 exam. Thanks to Steve and his method is great particularly in consolidation questions.