About our tutor - Steve Chen, FCCA, ACA, ACMA, CGMA, CMA, MCSI, MSc

Steve is currently the Global Exam Marker at 2 Major Accountancy Bodies.

Steve is trusted by the ACCA and he is the Expert Tutor for Financial Management (FM/AFM), IFRS related (FR, SBR), and Audit related (AA/AAA) papers and creates the ACCA’s CPD resources for fully qualified accountants.

The FIRST GLOBAL TUTOR (Steve Chen) who is not only a Fellow member of ACCA, but also author for FOUR accounting books, technical writer for IFRS column of ACCA AB magazine, independent examiner for Financial Management Module in Neusoft University, and the FIRST TUTOR with his IFRS 16 Leases course being recognised by ACCA as the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course on ACCA website.

The FIRST TUITION PROVIDER who is able to divide AAA (Advanced Audit & Assurance) paper into 15 types of questions and helping thousands of AAA students pass the exam and get qualified.

The FIRST 100% PERSONAL CARE ACCA Courses Provider dedicates itself to motivate students, with a completely different approach to super large tuition providers.

Steve also sets up the ACCA Gold Approved Learning Provider company (Foshan Aipeisi Education Technology Ltd) in China helping students pass their ACCA exams.

Listed Course on the ACCA Global Website:

Our CPD course is listed on ACCA's Global Website

APC's Course Director Steve Chen was invited by ACCA in 2019, to train ACCA members at ACCA's UK head office about IFRS 16 Leases.

The course is recognised by ACCA as the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) course which is available to all ACCA members.

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In 2012 - APC was first founded to provide online ACCA courses to students from all around the world.

From 2014 - Now, ACCA (UK) granted APC the Gold Learning Partner.

From2015, APC's YouTube channel has subscribers of more than 10,000.



In 2016, APC provides online courses to several universities including:  City University of Macau - CIMA operational case studies  Macau University of Science and Technology - CIMA operational case studies  Train the Trainer (TTT) - to lecturers from mainland China  Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) - accounting courses.

Until 2019, more than 6,500 students from 60 countries across the globe joined APC's ACCA online accountancy courses.   



From 2014 onwards, numerous strategic partnerships were built up including 'Bloomsburry (HK)', 'Laimoon (Dubai)', 'Gotitpass (HK)'.

Our Face to Face ACCA Training Centre has been approved by ACCA with ACCA Gold Learning Status. (Foshan AiPeiSi Education Technology Ltd)


Until now

We continue to work hard to help with thousands of students study and pass their ACCA exams by continuously publishing study texts, delivering high quality lectures, innovating teaching methods and dedicating to address students' questions during their studies.

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