CIMA/CGMA Strategic Case Study (SCS)

CIMA/CGMA Strategic Case Study (SCS)


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How to pass Strategic Case Study Exam:
1. Have an in-depth analysis of the preseen;
2. Be able to apply practical case information to the unseen;
3. Relate all the E3, P3 and F3 Syllabus Knowledge to the preseen case.

I was invited to visit CIMA Head Office in London back in 2019, with head of learning at CIMA.

Introduction to August 2024 SCS Preseen

The preseen case Saefwell is a listed company in Barrland offering advice and support on corporate security and enterprise risk management. Technically, its services are split into physical and intelligence led ones.

Security industry usually offers on-site guarding, mobile guarding, remote services, corporate investigations (usually high margin), risk management, security assessment and training services. Saefwell's global revenue is currently the second highest among top 10 security companies, and according to our analysis, it operates in the oligopoly market, ie it should not focus on cost leadership strategy.

Currently, 85% of Saefwell's revenue is from physical security services, with only 15% from intelligence-led security services. However, from operating profit's perspective, 26% coming from intellligence-led ones but only 74% from physical security services.

Values of Saefwell: responsive, innovative, respect and safe.

Pricipal risks that Saefwell are facing include: staff recruitment; health and safety risks; reputation risks; long term contract risks; information security risks.

The beta of Saefwell is only 0.88, ie share price is less volatile than the average market.

All SCS materials are fully updated for the August 2024 exam sitting.

Demo CIMA SCS lecture from our Masterclass package.

Our Average CIMA/CGMA SCS Exam Pass Rates: (based on recent 4 exam sittings)

Full Course Package: 89%

Download Sample Preseen Application Note (August 2024) (Fully updated in the official course package)

One Day Masterclass for CIMA/CGMA May 2024 Preseen Company - Saefwell Company (Demo HD Quality Lecture)

Key features of the One Day Masterclass (in 2 Parts): 

Part one Preseen Analysis:

Content: Quick summary of the SCS preseen with key industry insights.

Aim: To ensure students with busy schedules to quickly cover what they need to know about the preseen case (Saefwell Company)

Part two Revision Class (Intensive):

Content: Link CIMA/CGMA 'I can...' questions to Saefwell company.

Aim: Get rid of the unneeded parts from the syllabus, but to only focus on what would be highly examinable areas in the upcoming exam.

Course features:

  • SCS Preseen Application Note
  • Masterclass - Day 1 for preseen go through; Day 2 for referring back to 'I can...' questions
  • Mock exams
  • Tipped questions
  • Tutor support

Course Pricing

  • CIMA Strategic Case Study Preseen Application Note
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    160 Pages CIMA Strategic Case Study Preseen Application Note Download Only (PDF)

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  • Preseen Application Note (160 Pages)
  • Exam Style Questions (10 Qs) to Saefwell Case
  • CIMA Strategic Case Study Exam Full Course
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    CIMA Strategic Case Study Exam Full Course

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  • Preseen Application Note (160 Pages)
  • Exam Style Questions (25Qs) to Saefwell Case
  • One day MasterClass (4 Hrs HD Quality recordings) to Saefwell
  • 3 Mock Exam Questions Tailored to SaefWell with Constructive Marking
  • Dedicated Tutor Support
  • Pass Guarantee (Get updated materials until you pass the exam)

You can instantly view the SCS course once the payment is complete, below are the screenshots of the study platform, where you can download materials, and/or watch course recordings online (if full package is enrolled)

Student success stories: Inspiring testimonials that speak volumes!

"I began my studies with APC in 2015 and proudly became a fully qualified CIMA member in 2019. My journey was highlighted with achieving the first prize for my P1 score of 150 marks and securing the top position for the E3 paper in mainland China. I cleared both MCS and SCS in my first attempt with the invaluable guidance from APC. Their teaching approach is immersive and engaging, led by tutors who exhibit sheer passion. Their study material is second to none."
Guangjun Feng, ACMA, CGMA 

CIMA P1 First Prize Winner 2017

"I cleared the OCS exam with the aid of APC and was honored to achieve 3rd place in China. The study materials provided are particularly tailored for the exam and are exceptionally focused."
Jianghua Cen 
"I successfully passed the OCS exam with APC’s guidance and achieved 2nd place in China. Their knack for predicting questions is unparalleled and truly helpful."
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Connie Li (Nike) 

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"With APC’s support, I cleared the CIMA P1 Management Accounting paper with a full score of 150 marks, clinching the first prize globally. Their study resources are precisely honed to the exam’s demands."
Chengyi Li 

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Additional information about CGMA Strategic Case Study exam

This section explains the essential information relating to the CIMA SCS exam

How are CIMA Strategic Case Study marked?

The exam is marked by human markers, students usually receive results 6-7 weeks after the exam. Total marks are 150, passing marks are 80. This exam is marked according to the scale score, ie around 53% pass.

CIMA Strategic Case Study Blueprint

The bluepprint explains what is required in both Objective Test and Case Study exam, by laying out very clear requirement of work-based tasks, exam tipics, exam format.

How difficult is the Strategic Case Study CIMA?

Pass rates of SCS in 2023 are around 48% to 62% per CIMA published data.The difficulty of the exam lies in writing style (with in-depth application to the preseen and unseen case); application of holistic approach to the task; and the ability to absorb key information from unseen to apply to the exam.

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