ACCA Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

This syllabus is aimed to transfer knowledge and skills that are necessary for future top executives or advisors of the financial sector. Moreover, the aim is to develop judgment of professionalism which should be possessed by all honoured professionals in the industry.

They take out the data from the financial documents which the organization submits and utilise it to make financial decisions for both the private and the public sector management. Then, what follows is the fact that they get to the top, mainly in places of high prestige including the Fortune 500 companies, the Big 4 accountancy firms, and the renowned consultancy firms like Boston Consulting Group (BCG). 

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This 3-Page Key Fact Summary includes:
1. Syllabus of AFM;
2. Available information about AFM;
3. Key Exam Techniques of AFM;
4. Exam Questions Style of AFM;
5. Key Topics and Latest Examiner Reports about AFM Exam.

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Introduction to the AFM Syllabus

Advanced Financial Management Lecture (Revision Focus)

This syllabus aims to push forward the financial management in the classroom that we have started to introduce in the Financial Management syllabus. Thus, it equips the students with a competence to be employed to formulate sound strategies needed to steer the organization /those issues/ into fiscal and health management arena.  

Strategic financial management issues essentially deal with:What are the financial management problems in the strategic consideration?

1. Source rental rate adjustment – the cost of capital adjustment could be the most dominant mechanism if the company achieves extensively high rate of return. They have to look at the additional purchases of financing, all of which will be exposed to the sectors’ risk profiles, which will play a greater role in an inflationary pressure environment.  

2. International investment evaluation: They are designed in the form of possible returns in foreign investment, like PPP (purchasing power parity) but such models. Except for these, other derivates, like the futures contracts, are also involved in hedging the risks coming from these irregular variations. The policy inventory is an instrument of defense of the investment projects from sharp changes of exchange rates that by themselves may compromise the viability of the venture.  

3. Accurate evaluation is the ability to understand the business value more accurate using such models as Dividend Valuation, Free Cash Flow, and so on by Brovara and Harris (1991). This is the manner through which a business idea is reviewed taken on the magnitudes of profit, the business might produce in future.  

However, implementation and choosing on what ways to be involved or the greatest to spend the most is truly a long-term involved decision that will make and break through the organization’s continuous life. Consequently, such financial fundamentals are thus the strategic factors of a company’s financial management. 

AFM Exam focuses on:

  • Analysis of executive or advisory board positions in multi-national enterprises with the emphasis being an ample equilibrium of the stakeholder interests. 
  • Highlight the importance of international investment and financing decisions. Need for candidates to give good advice on mergers, acquisitions, and reorganization of companies. 
  • Revise syllabus to integrate financial sensitivity, business language, and risk management. Integrate the syllabus part with aspects of Financial Management. 
  • Emphasize the crucial of professional skills and their contribution in employability and career advancement. 
  • Section G is focused on the using of learned skills, which include information and communication technologies. 
  • Emphasize the need for skill development for professional presentations and responses by means of active practice and preparation. 
  • Online tests and ACCA website resources as practice. Inclusion of practical elements during the examination process in order to test adaptability of skills. 

Upon completing this exam, candidates should be able to:

  • Obtain insightful information that is in line with your reaction to various operations in a global company like an executive financial officer or a financial adviser whose focused is to ensure that the business has everyone best interest at heart and they also provide a platform that makes it easy for any company to get financing and start a multinational enterprise regardless of the initial capital. 
  • However, explore the opportunities which seen as promising, use them favourably from the stronghold of strategic positioning which you may use in other countries other than home markets. 
  • The consolidation in the industry through M & A strategies is confirmed through the trio of restructuring and expansion. 
  • Have a story of most impactful campaign stand out, which illustrates two different businesses that are using the same concepts, and which subsequent company encountered many issues. 
  • The risk level evaluation tools to be used for this kitty include: main exchange artery when the currency is offered for him. On the other end, we would conduct a risk assessment on the techniques employed in the study, and report on the findings. 
  • Repel your skills by a showing with having interviews because those are your strength and that place is waiting to be for you. 
  • Technology-oriented market is a leading factor for sure, so you need to have it.