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If you are sitting FIA exams, the corresponding papers are FBT, FMA and FFA. The course also suits FIA students.

For CL (UK) paper, the exam will be on-demand CBE and for other skill level papers, exams will be run as session CBE (March, June, Sept and Dec - four times a year)

All professional papers exams are run as session CBE exams. SBR and SBL are compulsory papers whilst students can choose two optional papers to complete their ACCA studies.


  • All tuition and revision lectures are viewed from our online study platform

  • Lectures can be viewed using PC, tablet and mobile

  • Study platform login details will be sent to you after you have enrolled in the course

  • Study notes are downloadable and printable (PDF format)

  • Tutor support - Email our tutor and you will get replies within 24 hours

  • Mock exams can be attempted via our study platform

  • ACCA resources guidance links can be viewed via our study platform

  • Pass guarantee means if students do not pass their exam using our study materials, students can re-use the materials until they pass. Proof for failure/absent should be sent to us.


  • If you are not happy with the course 5 days since you have purchased, you can claim a refund by sending an email to billy@accaapc.com.

  • We will process your refund within 5 days from when we receive your application.


  • All study materials are viewed online.

  • Study notes are in PDF printable format.

Classroom Scene

What you will receive in the course package:

  1. Pre-recorded HD quality tuition lectures (20-35 hours)

  2. Pre-recorded HD quality revision lectures (5-15 hours)

  3. Printable study note

  4. 7/24 tutor support

  5. Two mock exams (with answers)

  6. ACCA study resources guidance

  7. Pass guarantee service (If you do not pass the exam, you can re-use the study materials (updated to reflect changes in syllabus) until you pass it)

Why study ACCA with APC?

Serious Boy

ACCA Courses Demo

Please click the following ACCA papers course videos to see our tutors in action.


We do not offer tuition for the following

papers at the moment:

  •  Business and Technology - BT/FBT (F1)

  •  Taxation - TX (F6)

  •  Advanced Taxation - ATX (P6)


ACCA papers are divided into:

  • Foundation level - BT/FBT; MA/FMA; FA/FFA

  • Skills level - CL; PM; TX; FR; AA; FM

  • Essential level - SBR; SBL

  • Professional level* - AFM; APM; ATX; AAA

*Only two professional levels papers must be


More demo video lectures can be found HERE

Our Teaching Approach

Phase One

Go through the entire syllabus using our pre-recorded lectures

PS: in ACCA exams, not every bit in the ACCA syllabus will be tested and therefore, a 'summary teaching approach' will be used to ensure you will absorb knowledge in the most efficient and effective manner.

Phase Two

We will then simulate the exam environment and go through past exam questions. with our own written answers. 

Phase Three

Mock exams, 7/24 tutor supports, exam tips and ACCA exam resources are all ready to further boost your performance and confidence of achieving your exam success.