Benefits of becoming an ICAEW member after ACCA

Practising Certificate: One of the primary benefits of becoming an ICAEW member is the opportunity to apply for a practising certificate. This is particularly beneficial if you intend to practice in the UK or European Community. However, it's important to note that you must have been an ACCA member for at least two years before you can practice as an ICAEW member.

Audit Rights: Membership with ICAEW does not automatically grant you audit rights in the UK. If you plan to work in an audit capacity, it's recommended that you apply for the Audit Qualification (AQ) upon joining ICAEW. This offers a significant professional advantage for those wishing to deepen their auditing skills and credentials.

Expanded Networking Opportunities: Becoming an ICAEW member offers additional networking opportunities, including the chance to connect with an expansive and diverse community of professionals. The ICAEW has a larger network than ACCA in some countries, providing members with access to new professional opportunities and connections.

More information from ICAEW: Click HERE

Please note that KING CHARLES in the UK is also a member of ICAEW.


1. The Examination of Experience - a very challenging online exam (Submission fee to ICAEW: 300 UK pounds, if any students failed three times, that students CAN NEVER become the member of ICAEW)
2. A Letter of Good Standing - from ACCA - confirm you are a fellow member of ACCA
3. A Signed Sponsor Form - from the ICAEW member

More information from ICAEW including timetable: CLICK HERE

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1. APC is the approved learning partner (Partner in Learning) Registered with ICAEW.

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About the EOE Exam from ICAEW

The Examination of Experience (EoE) is a requisite for ICAEW membership. This reflective examination assesses applicants' past experience, analytical skills, professional judgement, and awareness of current and technical issues over the last five years, submitted in a specific template format. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

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